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Modern Applications Deployment Strategies with Kubernetes

7 January 2019

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Applications deployment is coming at the end of the CI/CD pipeline. Nowadays, we have multiple tools available to help us deploy safely and with the less possible negative impact on our final users. Here, I am mainly thinking of Spinnaker, Terraform or Kubernetes, but there are many other tools.

However, it is still the most feared part of the complete application release process, and that's because we are possibly impacting our end users.

I had recently the chance to experiment different types of deployments to Kubernetes and would like to share them with you. Here are the different deployment strategies available to you natively within Kubernetes today:

Open Source Summit Europe 2018

10 November 2018

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This year, I went for the third time at the Open Source Summit Europe conference. As usual, most of the talks were of good quality, but a certain type of intervention caught my attention and have consolidated my trust in the Open Source software model.

Actually, the talks I appreciated the most were not really technical talks but rather the one given on not only IT direct link subjects and I would like to highlight 2 of them. Read more ...

How to provision persistent volume in Kubernetes

20 September 2018

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I recently got the chance to speak at DevoxxFR. I loved the event, and even more the chat I had in the hallway track. I went there to talk about the different ways of managing stateful applications via Kubernetes, this talk raised a lot of questions which inspired me to write this blog post.

Most of this questions were about the persistent volume provisioning, so let's dive into this subject. Read more ...

Docker, what the hell is that?

18 December 2016

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What is Docker, this not so old technology that everybody is talking about but that nobody seems to really understand?

First of all, Docker is 2 things:

  • it is a software container platform (Docker Engine) which is open-source and is under Apache 2.0 licences, so free to use and redistribute
  • it is also a company, Docker Inc, which is the creator of the Docker Engine open-source project

Here, when we will speak about Docker, we will only speak about the open-source project, the Docker Engine. Read more ...

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